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(El Clan)

The Clan thumb
Director: Pablo Trapero
Argentina, Spain 2015
100 minutes
Cert: 15


This hard-hitting crime saga illustrates how "disappearances" continued in Argentina even after the dictatorship ended in 1981. This case of ‘disappearance’ is so upsetting many refused to believe it was possible. It is retold in ghastly detail in a Hollywood-style account of the Puccio fiasco, in which a relatively well-to-do family kidnapped their rich neighbors in order to extort ransoms from their relatives. Masterminded by Puccio, a former state intelligence worker, who found a new role in snatching rich targets off the streets and imprisoning them in his own home until their families coughed up the ransom money - except the victims never manage to make it back alive.

Won Silver Lion Venice Film Festival 2015.

The Clan thumb
The Clan thumb
The Clan thumb